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Duplicate Star Award Medal [New Style for 2018]

TSPRA will provide a duplicate Star Award medal for anyone who earned a Best of Category at the cost of $30 per medal. Winners may also order medals for other members and non-members who worked on the winning entry. Only winners listed on the original award may order and authorize additional medals for other members and non-members. However, anyone may pay for the medal with a check.

Send an email to stating stating that you would like to order a duplicate medal and include the category and name of your Best of Category winning entry. Then, come back to the product section of the TSPRA website and place your order which will create an invoice which you will submit to your business office for payment.

Duplicate certificates may also be ordered. Click here for that product information.

We do not supply additional Crystal and Platinum Awards. But we can arrange for these through our vendor. Send an email to for mor information.


Duplicate Star Award Medal [New Style for 2018]


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